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If you like riffs, catchy hooks, headbangin and drinkin cans then Collides are what you're after! Composed of a group of Deise heads and good looking fellas, the bois behind Collides have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for in Ireland. Collides are getting recognised as one of Ireland's top rock bands to check out.


A powerhouse of pure unadulterated, genuine rock and roll! Collides are energetic and a tight live band that are not to be taken lightly. Having released their debut EP 'Fools Feel Fine' Collides have used the momentum of their first EP to gain some attention within the Irish music scene. Playing in Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny and Dublin Collides have brought their raw energy and enthusiasm into the rock scene.

Now back from their Irish Tour, Collides have released their 2nd "It's Never Over" and is currently gaining a steady amount of popularity.

Check out their EP 'It's Never Over' & 'Fools Feel Fine' available to buy and/or stream on all music platforms! 

Stream HERE! https://song.link/album/i/1403245568

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